Owlcrate Unboxing: Make It Out Alive (June 2017)


Owlcrate is a monthly subscription that sends you a box of carefully curated goodies and one newly released hardcover book.

Every month, they have a different theme. The theme for June was: Make It Out Alive.

Without further ado, let’s go on to the unboxing!

The box was in a terrible condition, because it had reached my parents’ home and they had sent it to me through another courier service. The person who delivered it to my house was probably the one who was behind the disfigured appearance of the box, because he had it buried deep in his bag and it had gotten squashed.

Yes, I scolded him for it.

So the first item was the theme/spoiler card:

Photo 07-07-17, 7 40 32 AM

Along with it came the Owlcrate pin:

Photo 07-07-17, 7 43 28 AM

After that came a gorgeous magnet with Sabaa Tahir’s quote written on it:

Photo 07-07-17, 7 43 43 AM

And a beautiful bath bomb from Fizzy Fairy Apothecary, that had a Faction (from Divergent) charm inside!

Photo 07-07-17, 7 42 14 AM

Even though I belong to Dauntless and Erudite, I got Amity! Which one did you get?

Photo 07-07-17, 8 17 05 AM

A beautiful double-sided bookmark from Hey Atlas Creative was a part of the package:

Photo 07-07-17, 7 41 38 AMPhoto 07-07-17, 7 41 29 AM

This next item was one of my favourites:

A zombie sleeping mask from Archie McPhee!

Photo 07-07-17, 7 42 23 AM
Dying to sleep. (pls get that pun)

The mask was accompanied with a super cool patch based on one of the books of the month, from Laserbrain Patch Co.

Photo 07-07-17, 7 42 34 AM

And finally, the books of the month!

I am so happy Owlcrate sent two books this month:

The first one: New World Rising by Jennifer Wilson

Photo 07-07-17, 7 42 48 AM

The second one: The Sandcastle Empire by Kayla Olson (which, by the way, had an EXCLUSIVE Owlcrate cover!)

Photo 07-07-17, 7 43 02 AM

I have already started reading The Sandcastle Empire! Review will be up soon!

So that was my Owlcrate June box. Here are all the items (except my scaly friend there):

Photo 07-07-17, 7 39 34 AM

This box is a 5/5 for me, because it had really awesome stuff that I would be using and the green theme was great (green is one of my favourite colours).

Next month’s theme is Wanderlust and I cannot wait!



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