The Paper Charm Shop June 2017 Unboxing: Shadowhunters (Bookish)/Pokémon (Anime)

I finally received my package from The Paper Charm Shop!

For those of you who don’t know, The Paper Charm Shop is an online shop that makes and sells bookish charms like bookmarks, prints and so on. Run by Lily, this shop recently started sending packages (based on different themes) filled with amazing stuff. They’re now upgrading to a fandom box in both the bookish and anime categories (July will be really exciting).

If you want to subscribe, just go to their website and make sure you use my coupon GEEKY5 for a discount!

I got chosen as a rep for this month, and I cannot wait to show you what my package contained. Honestly, I’m losing my mind.

This month’s bookish theme was Shadowhunters (yay!) and the Anime theme was Pokémon (yay x 100).

Let’s start with the bookish fandom unboxing:


This is what came inside my envelope:

Photo 03-07-17, 9 02 55 AM

This card had tiny pockets inside that were filled with the bookish goodies. It also had a sweet letter from Lily!

First came three gorgeous bookmarks:

Photo 03-07-17, 9 04 07 AM

Next, two magnetic bookmarks of Clary Fray and the Goblet!


Last of all came 23 mini Tarot cards of all the characters from The Mortal Instruments/The Infernal Devices series:

Photo 03-07-17, 9 09 33 AMPhoto 03-07-17, 9 09 06 AMPhoto 03-07-17, 9 08 15 AM

I think these were my absolute favourite.

So those were the items from the bookish package! Here’s a full unboxing picture:

Photo 03-07-17, 9 18 47 AM


If you want to subscribe, do it now, because there isn’t much time left!

Subscribe here.

Now, for the anime unboxing!

Photo 03-07-17, 8 43 47 AM

In this package, I got:

BIG magnetic bookmarks, mini paperclip bookmarks and one sheet of amazing Pokémon stickers!



I couldn’t click many photos because I was short of time, so here’s a picture of everything I got:

Photo 03-07-17, 8 50 08 AM

So those were my packages from The Paper Charm Shop that I ABSOLUTELY ADORE.

What are you waiting for?

Go place your order!


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