Books n Beyond Box June 2017 Unboxing: Hakuna Matata

The June box is here!

For those of you who don’t know, Books n Beyond is an Indian bookish subscription that sends you one book along with different merch, with a different theme every month.

So this month’s theme was Hakuna Matata. It was a Disney-themed box and me, being a regular subscriber, knew that Books n Beyond would not disappoint.

I received my box a few days ago. Normally I would have posted that day itself, but because I am moving for college, I didn’t get the time. So here’s my post, a few days late! <hehe>

Moving on.

Here’s the spoiler card:


So the first item in the box was an exclusive candle from Whispering Flames called “Belle”.


It smelled of roses and had a hint of books in it.

Look at that glittery top!
Next came some cute bookish pencils that had “Once Upon A Time” written on them. As an extensive stationery user (I say this so many times) I cannot be more grateful for these pencils!


After those came a pretty Mickey pin!

What. A. Beaut.
Following the pin were a few Disney bookmarks which were S-U-P-E-R C-U-T-E.


A gorgeous locket from The Bookish Pandora made an appearance:

Tangled is love.

Up next: A gold-plated leaf bookmark!


I also got a cute Harry Potter Funko keychain in this box. It wasn’t a part of the box but was actually a prize I won in the last photo challenge!


The second to last items in the box were Disney colouring cards! I’m so please with these!


Finally, the book of the month:

Beauty and the Beast: Lost in a Book by Jennifer Donnelly.

It is so pretty!


I cannot wait to read it! I’ve been wanting to read this book a lot and now that I have got it, I plan to starting it soon!

So those were my items from the June box.

Here is a picture of all the items:


I would give this box a 3.5/5, because I liked the May box way more than this one. This had amazing stuff too, but the May box was just beautiful.

I cannot wait for the July box, which is going to have a HARDCOVER BOOK! Did you read that? A BEAUTIFUL HARDCOVER OF A BEAUTIFUL BOOK. Honestly, I might die.

(if you have reached till here you are awesome)

Thank you, Books n Beyond for this box!

See you guys in my next post!



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