The Booklings Crate June 2017 Unboxing: I Love Stationery

The Booklings Crate is a book box subscription that send you boxes with one paperback book and various merch with a new theme every month.

This month’s theme was I Love Stationery.

Being an excessive user of all kinds of stationery, I was enchanted with the idea of having a box solely dedicated to stationery. I placed my order on the site and got my box a few days ago.

Let’s see what the box contained.

Here is the theme of the month card with the content list behind it:



Next, some wooden clips which had the shape of the famous monument, the Eiffel Tower. To be perfectly honest, these clips felt a bit weak and the Eiffel Tower things were shifting, as though they had not been attached properly. I looked over this as I felt I could fix them very easily.


After that came some illustrated postcards and a poem card by Sukanya Basu Malik.

These were followed by a personalised to-do list and a hardbound pocket notebook, along with glitter tape.



I felt like the glitter tape was of really low quality and also felt like we could have got better tapes at a cheaper price.

Along with the notebook and tape came a DOMS Neon pencil, one of those switching/fancy pencils and a gel pen that writes in different inks over time.

An orange coaster was also a part of the package, along with candy.

Kitty sticky notes and a metal Big Ben bookmark made an appearance:

There were also two bookmarks and a badge.

Last of all, the book of the month:

The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli.


I already had this book (I received it in my March Owlcrate) and I had messaged The Booklings Crate about it. They said that they would try to send a replacement but unfortunately that didn’t happen.

Here’s a picture of all the items:


I was a bit disappointed with this crate because I would have bought more stuff worth 899. I had hoped there will be more stuff related to stationery, because one picture on Instagram showed shape-punches and all, so I was excited. I hope this book box improves the quality of its contents over time because they really need to that. I hope I can order again.


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