Whispering Flames Harry Potter Set Unboxing

Whispering Flames is India’s first bookish candle shop (and personally, I think it is awesome) and it is run by Afia, who sent me the Harry Potter candles I am going to show you right now.

Also, I took photos of the candles with the books I think they relate to the most, so I think you should definitely read on!

First come the four house candles:


Smells like: Chocolate, Fire

Photo 19-06-17, 10 35 38 AM

I have paired this candle with the first book because for me, this is the book that has maximum bravery in it. This is partly because 11 year olds are involved.
I think I should mention Neville first, because:

“It takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends.”

Ron and Hermione’s bravery cannot be ignored (obviously). Well, they are Harry’s friends, but imagine how terrifying it must be for Hermione. Even though she had a lot of knowledge about everything, she was from a family that didn’t know magic at all. Deep inside she must have had that fear— that she overcame, for her friends.

Ron, knowing that his life was as stake, chose to take that path, to help Harry.

As for Harry, well, he faced his parents’ killer. How much more terrifying can that be? My knees would have probably turned to water if I had to face my parents’ murderer.

Photo 19-06-17, 10 49 50 AM


Smells like: a Library; Books and Wood

Photo 19-06-17, 10 47 56 AM

Polyjuice Potion. Kitty.

“You really are the brightest witch of your age.”

Photo 19-06-17, 10 48 52 AM


Smells like: Lemon

Photo 19-06-17, 10 41 19 AM

The Order of the Phoenix. Need I say more?

Photo 19-06-17, 10 51 45 AM


Smells like: Wet Earth, Spice

Photo 21-06-17, 7 48 43 AM

This post is for Severus Snape. The one who was hated for being the bad guy, when in reality he was one of the good ones. His impact was so great that Harry named his kid Albus Severus, after the two bravest Hogwarts headmasters he had ever seen.

Photo 19-06-17, 10 57 59 AM


The next two candles are my favourites:


Smells like: Outdoors

Photo 19-06-17, 10 44 33 AM

Four words: The First Task. Firebolt.

Photo 19-06-17, 10 50 38 AM


Smells like: Butterscotch, Cake, Milk

Photo 19-06-17, 10 43 42 AM

I paired this with the third book because i just love it when Sirius becomes the guardian who sign’s Harry’s Hogsmeade slip (not that Harry missed those trips *wink*).

Photo 19-06-17, 10 52 27 AM

I loved this package as the scents are exactly as I had imagined them, especially the Ravenclaw one and Buttery Beer. Thanks a ton, Afia! (she is totally going to be the reason when I become broke)

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