The Big Book Box- June Unboxing: So There’s This Boy…

I recently received the amazing TBB Box and I cannot wait to share the contents with you!

For those of you who do not know, The Big Book Box is an Indian bookish subscription that sends you a book (or books, depending on the price you paid) every month. The books are usually new releases and I was quite excited for this box! (click here to view my last TBB unboxing!)


You’ll see why.

First of all let us just appreciate the new box design. It looks so pretty!

Photo 21-06-17, 7 57 58 AM

Now for the contents.

This was the theme card.

Photo 21-06-17, 7 59 30 AM

This month’s theme was “So, there’s this boy…” (I relate very deeply with the theme)

The moment I removed the theme card my eyes fell on the best item of the box.


Photo 21-06-17, 8 11 42 AM

This is adorable. I’m so happy with my funko.

Photo 21-06-17, 8 12 00 AM

The next items were some bookish pins.

Photo 21-06-17, 8 15 52 AMPhoto 21-06-17, 8 16 04 AM

Photo 21-06-17, 8 16 12 AM
My favourite!
Following the pins were a few bookish postcards:

Photo 21-06-17, 8 03 32 AM
From A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

Photo 21-06-17, 8 05 01 AM
Scrabble, anyone?

Photo 21-06-17, 8 03 54 AM
The Secret Garden, Frances Hodgson Burnett
And a sampler of Emily Barr’s The One Memory of Flora Banks and Holding Up The Universe by Jennifer Niven.

Photo 21-06-17, 8 04 22 AM

There was also a very tasty barbecue flavoured box of potato chips in the package. (guess who ate all of them.)

Photo 21-06-17, 8 00 49 AM

After that, this lovely neckpiece made an appearance.

Photo 21-06-17, 8 01 32 AM

Also, this amazing Rhysand candle:

Photo 21-06-17, 8 14 59 AM

Up next: A beautiful two sided print of Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe.

Photo 21-06-17, 8 02 40 AM

This book has been on my TBR for too long now! Gotta read it soon.

Photo 21-06-17, 8 03 03 AM

Here’s TBB Box’s monthly: Barefoot Sunshine:

Photo 21-06-17, 8 05 52 AM

It features a lot of stuff, including Bookstagrammer of the Month.

And now come the main (and best) items of the box:

Book of the Month #1:

Anne of Green Gables (hardcover; Puffin Classics)

Photo 21-06-17, 8 06 41 AM

Book of the Month #2:

Looking For The Rainbow: My Years With Daddy by Ruskin Bond (Hardcover)

Photo 21-06-17, 8 08 09 AM

This book is a limited edition digitally-signed copy! It also came with a bookmark and a—WAIT FOR IT—LETTER FROM RUSKIN BOND HIMSELF!

My jaw dropped when I saw it.

Photo 21-06-17, 8 05 36 AM

There were also some cute magnetic bookmarks themed “Rusty says that”.

Photo 21-06-17, 8 10 43 AM

And last of all,

Book of the Month #3:

Release by Partick Ness (Paperback)

Photo 21-06-17, 8 11 20 AM

This book was a bit damaged but TBB box is going to replace it for me! Yay! I can’t wait to start this book! I have always wanted to read Patrick Ness!

So those were the items in my box.

Here’s a full picture:

Photo 21-06-17, 8 14 42 AM

I really liked this box a lot! I was a bit disappointed with the candle because I thought it was scented, but it looks gorgeous when I light it! I’ll post some pictures on my Instagram soon!

Do you have any questions about this box? Comment!

Want a box like this? Order here!

Or you could go through my list of Indian Book Boxes/Subscriptions! There are many boxes to choose from!


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