Whispering Flames Candle Review (2)

For those of you who have not see the last candle-related post, Whispering Flames is a bookish-candle company, run by Afia. It happens to be India’s first book-themed candle company. I had pre-ordered 3 candles from Afia before (check them out here), and let me tell you, I was not disappointed. The candles smelled amazing and to be honest, I did not want to light them at all. They were so pretty that all I did was take a sniff from each one of them occasionally.

I did manage to light two candles, but I lit them so often that they got over in two days! (Also, my mother took a liking to the Spring Court one.)

I knew I had to get more candles soon because, well, who wouldn’t want the Lord of the Night in their rooms?

You set my heart on fire.

I finally got my package today. I had ordered a total of 5 candles (two were replacements of the older ones).

The ones that got over were Rhysand and The Spring Court.

Rhysand: as manly as ever (and also like my boyfriend: WHAT MORE COULD A GIRL WANT?).


The Spring Court, however, smelt a bit different. The previous candle smelt like plants and herbs, but this one was more like flowers. It had this tang (?) to it, which is kind of perfect because of Tamlin (you’ll get this ONLY if you’ve read ACOWAR).


It was a bit frosted because of the heat, but for me it looked even better because, again, TAMLIN.


Moving on to the next candle: Velaris.


The City of Starlight-themed candle reminded me of the Rhysand one, only much purer and brighter, if you know what I mean. It reminded me of white angel wings (I hope this makes sense?) and gave a calm vibe.


I know what you must be thinking. I’m terrible with smells.

In my defense, I visualize a lot, so smells naturally form different images in my head.

The last two candles were Throne of Glass-themed.

The first one, Aelin Fireheart, smelled like berries and adventure, if adventure had a smell.


The color: BEAUTIFUL. Very much like Aelin’s ruby brooch.


The second (and final) candle, Rowan, instantly reminded me of a kind and caring yet cold person (accurately describing the white-haired Fae).


It smelled of snow and flowers. This candle is probably my favourite one.

Overall, these candles were great! I am looking forward to more candles from Afia’s shop!

Most stressful thing about being a dragon: trying to blow out the candles on your birthday cake.

Also, I would  like to tell you guys again of how awesome the candles (and the candle containers are):


The watercolor labels are possibly the prettiest labels ever!


So these are all the candles I got today and I’m really happy with them!

Below are a few more pictures I took today:


Finally, here’s a picture of all the candles I own from Whispering Flames:



Thank you a lot Afia! Looking forward to more candles! And all the best!



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