The Paper Charm Shop Mini Bookish and Anime Subscription Unboxing (May 2017): ACOTAR/MAF/WAR• Death Note

The Paper Charm Shop is an online shop that makes and sells all kinds of amazing bookmarks (including magnetic ones!) and all kinds of, well, paper charms.

Managed by Lily (a wonderful person), this shop started as @paperlovebylily, and now, has become one of the shops all Indian bookworms like to purchase from. Initially, they sold Harry Potter-themed charms but now their products stretch over a wide range of YA and Anime.

Recently, they started a mini subscription for all the bibliophiles and anime lovers here. The theme is usually chosen by the subscribers themselves (there’s a vote—and that is the thing I like about The Paper Charm Shop). This month, the theme for the bookish subscription was ACOTAR/MAF/WAR and the anime subscription theme was Death Note (seriously got me hyped).

I got my package today and I cannot express how excited I was when I opened it.

Let’s start with the book-themed package, which looked like this:

The Mao of my Dreams

Trying not to damage the package (wow, I rhymed), I was very happy once I discovered it’s contents:

First, a few fabulous bookmarks:

The wolf is my spirit animal.
Ah, this one is my favourite.
Totally agree.

I swear I couldn’t stop staring at these beautiful bookmarks.

I don’t think I’ll be able to bring myself to use these. I’m scared something might happen to them.

Along with these, I got some super cool magnetic bookmarks of the three books by Sarah J. Maas:


And of course, Rhysand.


I saved the best for last.


The Gorgeous Prints.



This is officially my favourite print.

This package was totally RAD! I’m so glad I have the subscription for June and July too!

Next comes the anime package (also, now officially begins my fangirling time).

The envelope perfectly matched the theme of the month: Death Note!


As a person who has only recently started watching Death Note, this package and its contents are very dear to me.

The first to make an appearance was this sick bookmark.


In fact, my mother liked quite a lot too!

Included were these three super cute magnetic bookmarks!


And these adorable mini-prints:






And last but not the least, these two beautiful prints!


This last print is my absolute favourite, because it so detailed and pretty!

And that is last of it…sadly.

I loved the contents of both these packages so much! I’m so glad I subscribed to The Paper Charm Shop!

As a person who shamelessly loves these kind of things, I cannot wait for the next month’s amazing charms!

Missed this month’s goodies?

Don’t worry, because they are up for sale on the website here!

Subscribe, it will be better (you won’t regret it).


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