Whispering Flames Candle Review

Today, I received a package from Afia, the brain behind India’s first bookish candle company, Whispering Flames. As a person who’s really fond of bookish candles (but only owns one), I HAD to buy her candles, which showed so much promise.

As these candles are the first she has ever made and sold, I knew that there might be some things that would not be a part of the whole thing, but that was cool, because I knew (somewhere deep down) that I am going to like these candles.

There were 3 candles in total, all of these revolving around the ACOTAR/MAF (A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas). They cost me ₹650, which is good (I hate overpriced stuff).


The first one was everyone’s favourite fictional boyfriend: Rhysand.


The candle was a soothing purple in colour with dots of deep blue/violet, which reminded me of blueberries, for some reason.


At first, I couldn’t place my finger on the scent. The only thing that came to my mind when I smelt this was a well-dressed bad boy (I think that is the point of naming the candle “Rhysand”). The candle smells like badass. I don’t know what, but it is definitely badass.

In short, I liked it.

(Side note: I usually describe smells with emotions)

The next candle was The Spring Court.


I know exactly what it smelt like.

The candle was a bit damaged (the damaged part isn’t showing) but burning it for a while will fix it.

It smelt herbal. Not the ayurvedic kind of herbal, but the calming one. When I say calm, I don’t mean the grassy plains and clear skies, but the skyline of a city with clouds floating here and there.

I hope you know what I mean.

Moving on to the next one.



Possibly the candle I liked best.


It reminded me of the Rhysand one, because they had something similar, but the Feyre one had this lemon-y smell to it, which I like a lot. It had a tiny hint of fruit, which kept appearing and disappearing every time I smelt it.


These candles smell great.

I would also like to point out one important thing:

The candles are stackable.


This is great, especially for people like me, who needs all the space she can get because she is going to be living in a hostel for the next four years. *cries*

Afia also sent me this cute letter (that I cannot show because it has my real name on it but I’ll go totally public in a few months) and matching matches (see what I did there?).



I really liked these candles and want to order more (the Velaris one is not available right now but I’ll keep checking) and I hope Whispering Flames gets even more customers, because for a company that has just been started by someone so young, it is doing great and has amazing candles.

Thank you for sending me these beautiful babies!


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