Whispering Flames Candle Review (2)

For those of you who have not see the last candle-related post, Whispering Flames is a bookish-candle company, run by Afia. It happens to be India's first book-themed candle company. I had pre-ordered 3 candles from Afia before (check them out here), and let me tell you, I was not disappointed. The candles smelled amazing... Continue Reading →


The Paper Charm Shop Mini Bookish and Anime Subscription Unboxing (May 2017): ACOTAR/MAF/WAR• Death Note

The Paper Charm Shop is an online shop that makes and sells all kinds of amazing bookmarks (including magnetic ones!) and all kinds of, well, paper charms. Managed by Lily (a wonderful person), this shop started as @paperlovebylily, and now, has become one of the shops all Indian bookworms like to purchase from. Initially, they sold... Continue Reading →

Whispering Flames Candle Review

Today, I received a package from Afia, the brain behind India's first bookish candle company, Whispering Flames. As a person who's really fond of bookish candles (but only owns one), I HAD to buy her candles, which showed so much promise. As these candles are the first she has ever made and sold, I knew that... Continue Reading →

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