The Booklings Crate Unboxing: Wild and Free April (2017)

The Booklings Crate is a monthly subscription for bibliophiles of all ages in India. I came to know about it March, so I decided to place my order for the next month’s box and see how it was.

The theme for April was “Wild and Free”, with the types of goods revolving around Beauty and the Beast. I got the box full of goodies today and the book, as mentioned in a letter by the Booklings Crate team, will come later this month.

Here’s all the stuff I got in this box:

First, I got the postcard thingy that has a list of all the things inside the box:


Next I got a nice bunch of quilling paper! I am a craft geek— I love making things. I have never tried quilling before, so be ready for paper quilling posts!


After that came a beautiful print of the book of the month (which is Beauty and the Beast- Lost in a Book):


Then, a pretty bookmark with an even prettier quote:


And the thing I like the most. COFFEE!


I like my coffee how like my men— STRONG.

Haha. Sorry.


Next came the May theme reveal. By the time I got this box the May boxes were already sold out… 😦


After that, GUESS WHAT I GOT!

An awesome book sleeve! I loved the simple pattern and the colour, blue being my favourite. I’m going to be travelling a lot, so these are going to keep my CR’s safe!


I also got a nice orange lollipop (that I am sucking on as write this) and i would also like to casually mention that I LOVE LOLLIPOPS.


This lollipop was followed by the cutest pair of badges I have ever seen. I guess I’ll be wearing them (with my non-existent hot boyfriend).


Can you guess the next item?


Ah, I’ll just show you.

It’s a beautiful print/postcard made by the amazing @cartoonamol (I have linked his Instagram page here so you can check him out).


After that amazing print, I got a customized luggage tag! It’s got my name on the back. I’ve always wanted one, to be honest. As I mentioned before, I’ll be travelling a lot, so this is going on my bag!


Last of all, I got this sweet coaster for my late-night tea-drinking sprees.

It says, “Drink good coffee, read good books.”

Those are words to live by.


I loved each and every item in this box and I cannot wait for the book to come. I’ll be subscribing again for the June box, most probably, so keep your eyes peeled this June (and May and July) for more unboxings!

Here’s a full picture:


Until next time, folks!


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